Osem 2013

GKC loves our friends at Osem and all the terrific strides they make each year to make amazing products for Passover and all year round.  This year they have some ground breaking products that you must try.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Osem Roll Mix-01
It is now possible to bake your own kosher-for-Passover bread with the aid of Osem’s Homestyle Passover Roll Mix. The result is a deliciously light and flavorsome bread-roll uncannily similar to its non-Passover twin. I experimented with the mix by stuffing the rolls prior to baking with an assortment of meats and vegetables.  The results are super delicious and gorgeous. My kids did not know they were Kosher for Passover.  It carries an OU hashgacha and you can find it in your local kosher market.  If not, ask them for it! Don’t miss this filling and flavorful Passover option.

Osem Pancake
Another fantastic new item is Gluten-Free Pancake Mix which is also certified by the OU and Yerushalayim Mehadrin. Osem has perfected their recipe with the end product being a sweet and fluffy breakfast pancake which will delight the whole family. The pancakes are great with berries or syrup and we actually stayed full until lunchtime, how is that for a Passover first?!

You may think I sound crazy but I love the matzo keeper that comes with every 5 pounds of matzo from Osem.  I like how the zipped pouch keeps the matzo fresh and crunchy for months if needed.

Osem Sderot Bissli
And for Bissli lovers, the new pizza flavor is going to make lots of noshers happy.  Super crunchy and savory these snacks are a Passover must have.

GKC loves partnering with companies like Osem.  They not only make great products but they team up with Jewish organizations to help Israel.  This year, as Israel recovers from yet another military operation to ensure the safety of its southern residents, Osem USA is once again teaming up with the JNF to raise money for the support of a large indoor playground in Sderot.

Sderot, located close to Israel’s border with Gaza, has long been afflicted with daily rocket attacks traumatizing residents. Children fear leaving the safety of their homes and the idea of playing outside in an exposed playground has fast become a distant memory. Together with the JNF, Osem is funding the large, reinforced, indoor play center for the children of Sderot to enjoy without the need to run for shelter should the siren wail. The center will also be used for rehabilitation work, classes and parties.

Osem is raising the money for this momentous project by donating 50 cents each time a Passover snack (Bamba, Bissli and POPCO) is bought (up to $100,000).“We, at Osem USA, are delighted to have this opportunity to raise money for JNF’s recreation center in Sderot where children can have fun and feel safe and secure,” said Kobi Afek, Osem USA’s Director of Marketing. “It is a fantastic way to support Israeli children through proceeds from Osem sales. Every child in the US who consumes Bamba and Bissli is helping other children in Israel. By partnering with JNF we bring more meaning to our consumers and educate our children about social responsibility.”

Congratulations Osem on a great Passover season and for being a leader in community advocacy.  Now go get some of that roll mix!!