Passover Planning Cooking Essentials

I’m Passover planning already. Not really planning, but assessing what I need to replace and what essentials will help me survive and enjoy the holiday. I think it’s a great idea to buy a few good quality pieces each year and over time, your home will be well stocked with décor and cooking equipment that helps you cook better, really, it does. This year, I saw some of these good deals that might work in your collection.

Cuisinart 7 piece cookware set. On sale at for $69.99. Stainless steel cookware conducts heat well, no burning on the bottom of the pot, and this set has some great pieces, 8 quart stock pot, 2 saucepans, and a large sauté pan, all with lids. It sells in Bloomingdales for $260 so this is a great deal. Check Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Max and other department store sales to pick up whatever extra or new pot you can add to your repertoire. I have bought some terrific and high quality pieces in these discount stores. also makes an enamel cast iron pot, similar to the Le Creuset that is a great deal at about $79.

I love these Komachi Knives. They are sharp, chic, and great quality. A serious steal at $29.99 for the whole set at and in most stores.

The Cuisinart Hand Blender is another must have for all year round and Passover. It’s awesome for pureeing soups, salad dressings and making sauces. You can get it on for $34.95 and often on in bright colors for $10 (look at this orange one), which normally sells for $50 at Williams-Sonoma and other department stores.

Grab a few non-stick, silpat mats from I use these all year round but they are great at Passover too. They line a cookie sheet, no need for grease or parchment paper. I have 4 for everyday use and am adding these to my Passover collection. They are currently $22, usually about $29. I also saw them in Bedbath& for $25 (don’t forget to use a 20% off coupon).

Lastly, I love a grill pan. We like grilled chicken and it’s fun to make an indoor BBQ for chol hamoed. Food cooks quickly and is definitely healthier than frying. And although I’d like the Le Creuset version for $159, I’m probably getting this cast iron one for Passover from Crate and Barrel, made by Lodge for a more comfortable price of $39.95.

I love my thermopen digital thermometer but it’s also a little pricey for Passover. Instead I’m getting a thermopop, for $29. It’s a smaller, digital, splash-proof instant read thermometer and will ensure fantastic meats throughout the holiday.

Also, don’t forget a great peeler, a few cutting boards, wooden spoons, and tongs. These are Passover essentials.